Wednesday, October 06, 2004

George Meet Jar Jar... Jar Jar, George.

So it seems that people are going bonkers over George Lucas' changes to the original Star Wars. Rightly so, I say, but, as the article points out, George Lucas is within his rights to do as he pleases, and he is in fact the owner of the movies.

Now, the sucky thing is that many of the changes do not agree with me (serious understatement). They are, in fact, really stupid. Yep, I'll chose with my money to not buy the damn things. I can find originals on eBay on laser disc and VHS (dammit) and transfer them to DVD for my own viewing enjoyment. They exist, but are now seriously subject to the law of supply and demand since they are in high demand and fairly rare.

Whatever, the thing is, Lucas did some things that are, in my opinion, really crappy. He's well within his rights to do so, and I am well within my rights to criticize him.

Lucas' fans made him very very rich and he earned that by making movies that we enjoy. Why is he being a total jerk-face and not releasing the original versions on DVD as well?? What a pompous ass to try and shove his version of what is good down our throats. He was a much better creator/director 20 years ago, and has totally lost his edge. His new movies suck and I won't ever buy them (rent maybe, but buy, NEVER!).

George, you're about to make my dink list... grrrrr.

Thank God Spielberg has control over Raiders of the Lost Ark movies. I think we can count on him to not wreck them. Besides, the originals are already out on DVD, so there. If Lucas could get his grubby mitts on them, I'm sure he'd have Indiana "negotiate" with the big black-robed sword swinging bad guy instead of just blasting him with his revolver. Sheesh.


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