Friday, October 08, 2004

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I hate these presidential debates. Bush is not eloquent but he has some useful stuff to say. Kerry is a sack-of-shit liberal, but he can talk in public, sorta.

I watched half of the debate, in parts, inbetween chasing my two munchkins around the house. Sometimes Bush looked pretty bad, sometimes he came through better. Kerry was even the whole way through. The questions were not bad, but Bush could have smeared Kerry on a couple points. Too bad Bush doesn't grasp the economics behind the prescription drug re-importation from Canada crap. That's an easy one. That, and the windfall profits of the drug companies. That, and the "rich" keeping a greater share of their income. Really, he should have nailed Kerry for that one, given that his bitch wife is extremely rich, but doesn't pay much in tax. It's not a tax on rich people anyway, just on high income earners. The idle rich aren't affected too much, but the hard working ones are.

Bush should have said, and should make it his policy, that abortion will remain legal, period. I don't mind the restriction on "partial birth" as that is a sickening procedure, but earlier term abortion, no matter how much I personally hate them must remain legal, and he'd do himself a favor by stating such. He can't make it illegal anyway, and politically its the proper thing to do.

Kerry would have been easy to destroy by a proper small government conservative. Too bad Bush isn't one. I'll vote for Bush in November, but I'm hoping for something better the next time around. Maybe we'd be better off with a Liberal for four years to royally mess things up, kinda like Carter in the '70s. Then we could get someone decent, maybe another Reagan. It doesn't hurt to hope.


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