Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Back Off! Get Your Own Sandwich

So Handgun Free America is using the same tactics that the anti-tobacco dingwads used. You see, the gun industry is targeting The Children!!
Over the past two decades, the firearms industry has realized that it needs to find a new market for peddling its deadly products, and has found this new market in the youth of America. Kids are easily fascinated with guns, and the firearms industry has exploited this fact to design and manufacture weapons that can more easily be used by children and to directly market weapons to children.
Uh huh. Where have I heard that before? Anyway, it turns out they're talking about little chipmunk size .22 rifles. These Weapons!! are being marketed to The Children!! ohmigosh!!

(image from Henry Repeating Arms)

That's the Weapon!! in question. Sorry that you dimwits in HandgunFreeAmerica and your ilk (Brady, VPC, etc) didn't have a father who loved you and would buy you your own rifle and take you shooting. Now Back Off! Get your own sandwich.


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