Monday, February 08, 2010

Charles Brings the Apple Dumb

We all know that Charles of LGF fame is an Apple fanboy. I personally hate the company, and I also hate my iPhone, which I also like, but hate. But I really do hate Apple, especially for their evil involvement in the bogus anti-trust actions taken against Microsoft back in the day.

Anyway, Charles linked to another dumb piece. This one about "The significance of the A4," which is the new processor used in the iPad. The reason this piece is dumb is that it makes an apples to oranges comparison between two chips:
It [PA Semi's chip] ran at 2.0 GHz with an average of 13 watts of power consumption and a peak of 25 watts. Meanwhile, Intel's more traditionally-designed Merom Core 2 Duo LV L7700—the closest competition at the time—could only run at 1.8 GHz with a max of 17 watts.
The reason this is apples to oranges is that chip clock speed is a poor measure of computing speed. My 1.6 GHz Intel Core CPU can do mathematical computations more than twice as quickly as my old Pentium 4 at 3 GHz.

Without some real measure of performance, the comparison above is useless. But like all things, Charles heaps praise on things he likes (Obama, Apple, big government, liberal stuff, eco-babble, etc.) and scorn for things he doesn't like (normal right of center Americans who want the government to mostly leave them alone and not spend their money for them, all things Christian, etc.).


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