Monday, February 08, 2010

Another Reason to Dislike Charles at LGF

Apparently Charles at LGF has jumped on the Tea Bag wagon. What an A-hole. All these pathetic lefty losers are referring to the Tea Party movement as such. Yes, Charles has a valid point that some folks who show up to these events are mean idiots, but a lot more of them are good, decent, normal folks who don't like Big Government, and don't need four million and one government programs to make their lives better. That's the point of the movement. Why focus on the crazy? In any big movement like this you will inevitably bring out the crazy, but I choose to ignore them.

And about the Birther thing. I'm not a birther. I'm sure enough that Obama was born in the US and has a birth certificate to prove it, and I honestly don't care if he doesn't. What I am curious about is the fact that he won't let the public see the thing. What's he got to hide? Sorta strange, that's all. This doesn't keep me up at night, but it is interesting that Obama goes out of his way to hide his birth certificate and his college grades. Seems there's something in them that he doesn't want folks to see. If his college grades were great or outstanding, you know we'd have seen them.


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