Monday, January 21, 2008

Should I Vote My Race or My Gender?

Well, CNN thinks it's an important question:
For [black] women, a unique, and most unexpected dilemma, presents itself: Should they vote their race, or should they vote their gender?

No other voting bloc in the country faces this choice.
Hold on while I take a moment to compose myself before I mock the author, CNN correspondent Randi Kaye:

I always thought that folks ought to vote for the person they thought would make the best president for the country. I also thought that this could be determined by the candidates' stances on important issues, their track records, and their characters, as demonstrated to us by their behavior in public and private life.

Silly me, I should have known better. This year, I guarantee that I will vote for both my race and my gender, since the alternative would be to vote for either my race or my gender, and that choice, my friends, is just too darn tough. I guess I have that distinct advantage over black women. White men, black men, and white women can all vote for both. Black women have obviously been disenfranchised, and I think there ought to be a law.

Update: Argh! Now it's on the front page at CNN! No, nobody can be this shallow and stupid! Please!

Update: Ha.


Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

Well, obviously, Condi should have run.

1/21/2008 11:45 AM  
Anonymous Lance said...

The perpetuation of identity politics is the inevitable result of the implementation of the "multi-cultural" ethos in American society.

It is anathema to the classical liberal ideal that places the individual as the fundamental unit of society. It is a credit to Barak Obama that he, at least in most public statements, rejects attempts to define his candidacy in terms of group identity.

1/22/2008 8:30 AM  

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