Thursday, June 07, 2007

.50 Caliber Terror! Argh!

Just got an update from "Freedom States Alliance" regarding the terror of .50 caliber sniper rifles. Let's get right to their message, shall we
Every time a new more lethal firearm is introduced, they claim that it is not used in crime, as a way of preventing legislation that regulates its sale and usage. They did this with assault weapons, and now assault weapons kill our police officers and our young people alike, in large numbers.
Well, that was neat, but this is even better
Now the gun lobby is claiming that the .50 caliber sniper rifle, a gun so powerful it can shoot an armor piercing round at accurate range up to at least a mile away, is not used in crime.
And I can eat up to at least thirty donuts in one sitting. I also have, after eating my grandpapy's chili, gas so powerful that it is accurate up to at least fifty feet away. Strange how I never knew before that power and accuracy were the same thing.

The rest of the message goes on to tell how the VPC has assembled a list of .50 caliber sniper rifles associated with crimes! Associated! Oh No! Never mind that in its 20-some year history it has never been used to murder anyone in the United States. Never. Not once. The terror! Anyway, I'll have a go at the list next week, but that's all I got for now. :p


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