Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's McCain

If McCain is the best the Republicans can come up with, I'll vote for him. Please, please, please, either pick someone better, or tell McCain to get away from his statist crap. Why McCain over Giuliani or Romney (and the likely Dems, Clinton and Obama)? He's not great on the gun control issue, nor many others (even terrible on some), but he did vote against the 1994 AWB and many other gun control measures. And that's better than what the others have to offer, by a long shot.


Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

Yerg, is this what it's coming to, McCain vs. Hillabama? I may just find something else to do on election day.

3/01/2007 11:34 AM  
Blogger carnaby said...

Don't do that unless you want to either fight or hand over your guns. Anti-gun Dem president and a Dem congress is not good for gun owners.

3/01/2007 11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might never understand why someone would bother to vote in a national election, a mathematically irrelevant exercise, when they weren't going to vote for their conscience - a vote for the person (willing to be elected) most in line with their own beliefs. Regardless of "chance" or alignment with major parties.
For me voting may be irrational, but the only way to make it worth my while is to vote for the person that I'd actually want in office, not for someone I wouldn't trust with my wallet but who I should vote for just because the other popular option is (amazingly) even worse. It's not my fault the American public is (statistically speaking) dumb and getting dumber.

3/02/2007 12:38 PM  
Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

If McCain is our best choice, we are in big freakin' trouble...

3/08/2007 8:06 PM  
Blogger carnaby said...

UAW Guy, I concur.

3/08/2007 9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anti-gun Dem president and a Dem congress is not good for gun owners.

My understanding is that they only had a problem with the types of semi-automatic weapon that in untrained hands tends to kill dozens of innocent bystanders instead of the criminal you thought you were aiming at.

Those who passed the AWB seemed to have no problem with shotguns, hunting rifles and pistols.

3/10/2007 3:16 AM  
Blogger carnaby said...

Anonymous, you are gravely mistaken.

3/10/2007 7:27 AM  
Anonymous Kasper said...

If Fred Thompson doesn't decide to run, Ron Paul is going to get my vote.

3/10/2007 11:19 AM  

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