Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gun Guy Hypocrisy

Got a new email update from "The Gun Guys," and it's a howler (they're all howlers, but this one is especially good):
We've talked about the NRA's preemption laws before-- they're in the habit of passing concealed weapons laws that the majority of Americans simply don't agree with. But when that opposition comes to them in the form of local towns and cities passing their own rules on firearms, the NRA responds with more state legislation. It happened in Ohio, and now it's happening in Utah and Nebraska-- when small communities try to set their own rules on gun violence, the NRA outlaws doing just that.

That's right, they actually pass a law that says local communities can't govern themselves. They pass a law that says local towns and cities aren't allowed to set their own rules on firearms.

To anyone else, such an idea is insane. When an Idaho town proposed mandatory gun ownership earlier this year, sure, we got riled up against it. We said it was a dumb idea, a dangerous idea, and it certainly is both of those. But we didn't once suggest a piece of legislation barring that small town from making their own decision. Mandatory gun ownership, but those citizens of that town have the right to make that choice, just as we, as citizens of our own town, have the right to make ours, about that issue or any other.

Not so under the NRA's policies. You don't have the right to set your own rules on firearms, and they're prepared to pass a law to take that away from you. Feel that firearms are too prevalent in your town and want to pass a law to do something about it on your local city council? If your state has a preemption law, no dice.

That's unAmerican if anything is. For a group that supposed to be "promoting freedoms," they sure are working hard to take away that one.
Bwa ha ha! Right! So if Idaho "banned" "assault weapons" you'd have no problem with that little town passing their own law to circumvent the ban? Ha ha ha! If you believe that, then I have several bridges to sell you.


Anonymous Robb Allen said...

Cowards don't even let you leave comments. Must be afraid of logic seeping into their site and polluting it.

Here's another one I bet they'd wet their panties over -

Say Shitsville, Iowa (pop 24) passes a "No Negroes" law. I'm betting these pansies would break a fingernail dialing their representatives to get a law passed as soon as possible.

Laws that go against the Constitution can and should be struck down at the state level and if unable to there, then that's when the Federal Government is supposed to step in.

That's what the government is for.

Too bad for the bedwetters though. Their immoral and illogical ideas cannot gain purchase in any other way but through laws that try to circumvent the Constitution.

2/06/2007 10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In other news, the NRA can pass laws?


2/06/2007 11:03 AM  

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