Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Police Shootout

Interesting Video. 14 minutes long, lots of blasting. Still watching, so I haven't seen the end.

Update: Interesting. Nothing gruesome or anything. The bad guy had a Bushmaster AR-15 and took a lot of shots at the cops. Didn't work out so well for the BG.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2:30 in, when the robber stops to take pot-shots at the police, did you notice the police officer returned fire completely disregarding Rule #4? There was a civilain in a white pickup truck who drives directly into the field of fire and the officer kept firing. That's not good...


10/18/2006 11:49 AM  
Blogger carnaby said...

Yeah, I noticed that too. I suppose the officer had tunnel vision when that was going on. Note to self: if a police shootout is going on, move away from the shootout, not towards.

10/18/2006 12:30 PM  

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