Sunday, December 18, 2005

Saturday Night Fun

I fell on the sidewalk last night, and sprained my ankle pretty badly. No breaks, fortunately, but I have to stay off my feet for a while, and then wear a big clunky walking boot for about a week. This, right after starting my big campaign to exercise on a regular basis. :-( Anyway, it could have been worse. I tripped on the sidewalk at a very busy intersection, and I fell into the road, narrowly escaping getting hit by a car, which honked at me as I laid in the road (like I threw myself there on purpose), swerved around me, and kept going. Thanks, pal. Luckily, my husband, who had just dropped me off, was still nearby and came to the rescue.

Well, our weekend plans are kaput, but the bright side of all this is that I get to lay on the couch for a few days while hubby does all the cooking and laundry -- it'll be like a mini-vacation! But I should get a bell. *rrrring!* "Bring me another diet soda!" *rrrring!" "Fluff my pillow!" *rrrring!* "Where's my mid-afternoon snack??" He'll probably start wishing he left me in the road after a few days of this. ;-)


Blogger Rusticus said...

Well, that sucks, and right around Christmas too!

Feel better soon!

12/19/2005 6:18 AM  
Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

Thanks, Rus. Got all of my Christmas shopping done early, so no biggie.

12/20/2005 6:58 AM  

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