Saturday, December 17, 2005

Canada Gun Control Bunk

Well, I'm up in the land of the canucks, and my good buddy informs me of the following: The proposed Canadian ban on all handguns will not change anything as it stands in Canada. This is because, as written, the law will still allow people to own their handguns for "sporting purposes" or for collecting. In case anyone doesn't already know this, there is no other legitimate reason to own a handgun in Canada besides these, according to the law.

Now, my good buddy may be wrong, and he is a lawyer, so please let me know if he is mistaken.

UPDATE: I just remembered that this post had a point. The proposition of this "law," if the above is correct, is simple political grandstanding in an attempt to garner the votes of gullible Toronto GFW's in the upcomming elections. Nothing more, nothing less. I guess they figure it's worth it if it grabs a couple votes from fence sitters who are almost uncomfortable with the quagmire that the Liberal government is. Thppppt.


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