Friday, June 03, 2005

Hollywood Angel

Read this little bit of happy news via Kim du Toit at the Nation of Riflemen. Excerpt:
While Denzel Washington was visiting [Brooks Army Medical Center], they gave him a tour of one of the Fisher Houses. He asked how much one of them would cost to build. He took his check book out and wrote a check for the full amount right there on the spot. The soldiers overseas were amazed to hear this story and want to get the word out to the American public, because it warmed their hearts to hear it.
It warmed my heart, too. I think we're going to make it a Blockbuster night tonight, and watch something starring the good Mr. Washington. God bless him!

Update: D'oh! This story turns out to be an urban legend. Still, it seems Mr. Washington did make a very substantial donation to the Fisher House foundation and thank soldiers personally, which was awfully swell of him.


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