Wednesday, September 05, 2007


My husband and an Indian colleague are cooking up a business idea (which I am strictly forbidden to mention here as it's a really hot idea) that would require relocation to Mauritius for about half of every year. I was not too keen on the idea until I saw what kind of property you can get for under $200,000 USD.

Check this out. And this.


Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Swanky!! :)

9/06/2007 8:13 PM  
Blogger mikej said...

I assume that the R means that the prices are given in Mauritian rupees. I'll have to take your word that the amounts are less than $200K. The CIA World Factbook seems to have mostly positive things to say about Mauritius, by comparison with Somalia, for example. The gun laws suck, but if it's not a permanent arrangement...

9/07/2007 7:26 AM  
Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

It is indeed Mauritian Rupees, and the conversion rate is about 30 MUR to 1 USD.

I'm still not thrilled about the idea of moving halfway around the world, but at least we could live comfortably.

What's strange about this is that my husband objects to moving back to Seattle because it's too liberal but the gun laws are OK, but he's OK with the crummy gun laws in Mauritius. I really think he's just longing to live in a tropical paradise that we can afford.

9/09/2007 8:12 AM  
Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

Oops, no, the property prices are listed in South African Rands. That's weird, because the search I used quoted prices in USD and MUR. I guess the permalinks go back to Rands.

9/09/2007 8:18 AM  
Blogger Russell said...

Sheesh, I need to have my eyes checked, I thought you said Martian Rupees.

Which kind of makes sense.

When would you guys move?

9/10/2007 8:41 AM  
Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

Martian rupees, heh.

We wouldn't move until I graduate, which is next spring. If we move. I am campaigning bigtime to go back to the Northwest.

9/11/2007 12:04 PM  
Blogger NotClauswitz said...

There's some good sailing there...

9/13/2007 10:02 AM  

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