Thursday, January 27, 2005

When Planets Attack

Why is it that the kind of people who believe this explanation for natural disasters
The act of war deliberately and thoughtlessly wounds, poisons and handicaps the life-sustaining womb of all mankind. The Earth reacts, as any living thing would, when attacked. Earthquake, tsunami, flood, tornado, hurricane, mudslide, and resulting loss of life may be the natural emotional response.

We must behave responsibly and live peacefully or we may all be "shaken" off like a bad case of fleas.

Millie Mitchell
Fort Collins

recoil in horror at the ignorance and bigotry of someone who suggests that natural disasters are God's vengeance?

Nevermind that natural disasters also kill off countless animals, who have presumably not engaged in acts of war that deliberately and thoughtlessly wound, poison and handicap the life-sustaining womb of all life.

And why is Mama Earth punishing folks in Indonesia, Thailand, and India for the misdoings of war-mongering Americans? Shouldn't the tsunami have hit , say, Washington, D.C. if Mama really wanted to make her point?

[Hat tip: Michelle Malkin]


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