Thursday, January 20, 2005

Heather Has Twelve Mommies

I can't help but laugh heartily over the flap that's going on in Canada about the consequences of legalizing gay marriage. The door has been opened to discussion on legalizing polygamy on the grounds that if it's not fair to discriminate against gays it's not fair to discriminate against polygamists. Which, of course, has feminists in an absolute rage.

As our father (currently living in Canuckistan) predicted at the beginning of all this, if gay marriage is legalized there's not a single cogent argument anyone can come up with for outlawing any other perversions of the institution of marriage.

From this article in The Ottawa Citizen:
"In order to best prepare for possible debate surrounding Canada's polygamy policy, critical research is needed," says a Status of Women Canada document. "It is vital that researchers explore the impacts of polygamy on women and children and gender equality as well as the challenges that polygamy presents to society."
What about the challenges gay marriage presents to society -- how much exploring of impacts was researched on this topic? And if a woman willingly enters into a polygamous relationship with a man, who is the SWC to interfere with her freedom of choice? In reality, they don't give a fig about freedom or choices -- it's simply a threat to their power.

Canadians are such schmucks. They've suddenly realized what happens when you think you're opening the door to let the cat in -- the skunks run in, too.
Sayd Mumtaz Ali, president of the Canadian Society of Muslims, said he opposes same-sex marriage but said if it is legalized in Canada, polygamists would also be within their rights to challenge for their choice of family life to be legalized.
Prezactly. And here's something I honestly didn't know: most Arab countries allow men to have up to four wives, as long as the man is capable of supporting them all. Some Arab men living in Canada have one wife in Canada, but more wives back home in their native countries. With legalized polygamy, they could all live in Canada. Hey, if it's part of their religion and culture, who are Canadians to deny them?

I'll wrap this up on an unwelcome note of logic from Conservative party justice critic Vic Toews:
But when same-sex marriage becomes legal, the door will open to more Charter challenges, said Conservative critic Mr. Toews. "Once you change the definition of marriage from one man and one woman and you move to two persons," he said, "what then is the distinction between two persons, or three or more persons? If I was a lawyer defending polygamists, I'd say 'hey this is a constitutional right, a freedom of religion.' Why can't freedom of religion trump this new definition of marriage?"
I can't wait to see what happens.


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