Friday, January 28, 2005

When Democrats Come to Power

For the first time in a while -- and hopefully the last time forever -- the Dems have complete control of the Washington State legislature and governorship. With this level of power they just can't help themselves, and their true colors shine through immediately.

First, they propose a gun ban which reads
(18) "Assault weapon" means: ...(c) Any semiautomatic pistol, any semiautomatic, center-fire rifle, or any shotgun with a fixed magazine that has the capacity to accept more than ten rounds of ammunition;
which can be read as a complete ban on semiautomatic centerfire pistols and rifles. And now, via soundpolitics, we find that they want you to get permission from the state to collect a barrel of rainwater on your own property
(1) Any person, municipal corporation, firm, irrigation district, association, corporation or water users' association hereafter desiring to appropriate water for a beneficial use shall make an application to the department for a permit to make such appropriation, and shall not use or divert such waters until he has received a permit from the department as in this chapter provided.

(4) The department may permit by rule, under conditions appropriate to the water resources inventory area, the use of rain barrels and cisterns to collect rainwater intended to be put to a beneficial use on the same property where the rainwater is captured.
Keep it up, nutjobs. I've always found it hard to believe that people could behave like this, but there it is. The Dems just love power and love controlling people with government. They profess to hate guns, and yet none of these ridiculous measures would be considered seriously enough by normal people to warrant more than a simple laugh, except that the wielders of power are holding guns to our heads to force our compliance. How nice.


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