Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Gregoire Stole the Election, Personally!

The smoking gun has been found! Gregoire stole the election. Reporters from KOMO4 and the SeattlePi have uncovered the facts:
It seems that the election was sitting in the trunk of a rusted-out blue Ford Granada. Surveillance cameras clearly show a disgruntled Gregoire casing the Granada. She then walks up to the trunk, jimmies the lock with a large screw-driver, and once inside takes stock of the contents. A couple of quick glances around, then she grabs the election and runs.
Not all the facts are out yet, but Democrats are already charging that Rossi supporters put the election in that trunk and that they don't have any REAL evidence that it was actually Gregoire on the tape. More info as the story unfolds...


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