Monday, November 29, 2004

yada yada, great satan, yada yada

Puleeeaase, do these people ever listen to themselves? Says Osama bin Laden's right hand man
You can elect Bush, Kerry or Satan himself, it doesn't matter to us.
No kidding? Again with the Satan thing. Really, think for a moment. If we were truly Satan, why have we not nuked you? Why haven't we put American Muslims in concentration camps? Why haven't we begun the systematic extermination of Muslims? We could, no doubt, carry out these things with our vast economic and military superiority.
We are a nation of patience," al-Zawahiri said. "And we will resist to fight you, God willing, until the last minute.
Hopefully we'll see that minute pretty soon. Notice also, while being a nation of patience, that you are also a nation of poverty, violence, crazy, ignorance, backwardness, and sand dunes. It's pathetic. Allah sure has a strange way of showing his approval for your behavior.

And then we have this quip from a member of Turkey's parliament (via lgf)

"The occupation has turned into barbarism,"Friday's Yeni Safak newspaper quoted Mehmet Elkatmis, head of parliament's human rights commission, as saying. "The U.S. administration is committing Iraq.

"Never in human history have such genocide and cruelty been witnessed. Such a genocide was never seen in the time of the pharoahs (of ancient Egypt), nor of Hitler nor of (Italy's fascist leader Benito) Mussolini," he said.

This guy is obviously in league with the former Iraqi Minister of Information. He makes our own crackpots like Lautenberg look sane. Can you imagine CNN or ABCnews actually mentioning this "... in other reports it appears that members of the Turkish parliament are crazy. " And yet liberals tout their Bushisms while they dingbats they support can be batshit crazy and still get their approval.


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