Friday, November 26, 2004

things to ban

Looks like we'll have to ban anything but plastic knives. Yet another stabing spree in China (and I recall one a couple years ago in Japan that killed several youngsters)
A man armed with a knife has broken into a high school dormitory in central China, killing eight students and injuring four others
China traditionally has enjoyed a relatively low crime rate, but has suffered a series of knife attacks in schools and day-care centers in recent months. The earlier assaults left one child dead and injured a total of 42 people.
at least the Chineese know how to deal with these people
A man who slashed 25 children with a kitchen knife at a grade school in eastern China was executed Wednesday, The Associated Press reports. Though no one was killed in that attack, a court ruled that the penalty was justified because the violence was "especially cruel."
Cars, chairs, anything weighing more than two pounds that is hard and could hurt somebody, e.g. toasters, rocks, laptop computers and anything else you can think of. Get with it people, it's common sense. We should at least register those implements. After all, if the government can regulate cars, it can regulate the ownership of rocks and toasters.


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