Monday, November 29, 2004

dunce cap for Babs

I was gonna fisk Barbara Streisand's latest effort, but (thankfully) I got beat to it by Radio Blogger. A taste

So Babs has declared Dr. Rice to be a failure, and not qualified to be Secretary of State. Let's compare biographies, shall we? Here's Dr. Rice's bio from the White House website.

[... looooooong bio, very impressive...]

Now Babs' bio.

Barbra Streisand was an honor student at Erasmus High School in Brooklyn, and wrote the music for "Here We Are At Last" from the motion picture, "Nuts".

You'll excuse me if I laugh over Streisand's criticism of Rice.

I'll excuse you if you'll excuse me. Now for a little more from Radio Blogger
The National Security Adviser should be a thoughtful objective counselor to the president on security concerns and not be seen as a political operative, yet Rice actively campaigned for Bush during the election.

Yes, she did campaign...Just as hard as she could. The NSA should be thoughtful and objective? Like Sandy "Big Pants" Berger was to Babs' hero Bill Clinton? He definitely was thoughtful when he wore baggy pants and elastic socks to stuff 9/11 documents into when he visited the National Archives. And he certainly objected when he got caught.

Ah hah hah hah. That does it, up you go on the blogroll (my highly prestigious blogroll).


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