Friday, October 22, 2004

I'm posting this piece of crap email in its entirety. I covertly signed up to receive emails from these asswits so I could keep track of what they have brewing. I have a small fisk near the end in purple.


Dear StoptheNRA member:

Can it be true that the NRA is behind the Stolen Honor "documentary" attacking John Kerry to be aired in part or in its entirety by Sinclair Broadcasting?

We have received credible information from a source inside the NRA that the NRA is a significant funder of the Stolen Honor "documentary" which is scheduled to be aired on 62 stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting in late October. This "documentary" is the source of much controversy as it is a blatant political attack on a presidential candidate days before an election and is being aired by a broadcast company owned by supporters of President Bush. They are characterizing it as "news" and claiming not to be subject to election laws.

The NRA has made no secret of its disdain for election laws and using its resources to try and get around these laws and impact the election. The NRA has a history of trying to circumvent these laws by attempting to buy TV stations, expressing desires to broadcast from Mexico or even from a ship offshore in international waters. By allegedly funding this "documentary" and working with an existing pro-Bush broadcaster to air it, they are succeeding where they have failed in the past. They need to be stopped from making this end-run around our nation's election laws.

Consider this:

The Assistant General Counsel of the NRA, James H. Warner, appears in the "documentary" as someone who is highly critical of John Kerry. Is this just a coincidence?

We have been told by a source inside the NRA (whom we cannot identify to protect him and his family) [ yeah, your grandma, FUCK YOU! ] that the NRA is a significant funder of Stolen Honor. The producers of Stolen Honor, Red, White and Blue Productions, a for-profit company, brag on their website that they have received funding from "individuals and entities nationwide" and are actively soliciting contributions. Since when do for-profit companies or news organizations solicit donations?

There is no reporting of contributors by Red, White and Blue Productions. No accountability. Nothing. Is this just an attempt by the producers to circumvent campaign finance laws and allow their supporters to hide their identities?

Sinclair Broadcasting and the NRA have shown their support for President Bush through endorsements and contributions. Is Red, White and Blue Productions acting as the go-between in order for the NRA to get its wish and use the airwaves to further its extreme [ = we no likey ] political agenda?

All groups who are involved in broadcast activities that attempt to influence elections (including the so-called 527 organizations) must disclose their donors. Why does Red, White and Blue Productions think it is exempt from this requirement?

The Washington bureau chief and top reporter for Sinclair Broadcast Group was fired after he criticized the company's plans to produce a news program based on a "documentary" critical of John Kerry [ yeah, just like you were up in arms over mickey moore's "documentaries" and extreme political agenda, eh? ] . After his firing he was "escorted out of the building [ no shit? I'm outraged! ]." Are these people afraid the truth is going to come out?

These are questions that need to be asked and investigated. Our nation's campaign finance laws are there to make sure the rich and powerful do not take over our election process [ note to self (yourself, not myself): FUCK YOU! Ever heard of George Soros? ]. We supported campaign finance reform and the NRA opposed it. They even lost their challenge to those laws in court. What lengths will they go to by-pass these laws?

Time is running short. The election is almost here [ and you're gonna lose, it's a lock. And I can hardly wait to see the look in all the lefties eyes on Nov 3 when Kerry gets his ass kicked. I work at UW, no shortage of liberal weanies there to look at. Plenty of "no iraq war" signs too ] .

How You Can Help:

1) Call the offices of Campaign Finance Reform sponsors Senators McCain (202-224-2235) and Senator Feingold (202-224-5323) and demand that the Senate investigate who is funding the "documentary" produced by Red, White and Blue Productions and to be aired in part by Sinclair Broadcasting.

2) Call Red White and Blue Productions at 717-213-4955 and demand they release the names of the individuals and entities contributing to the making of this "documentary."

3) Forward this e-mail to as many friends and relatives as you can. Time is running out.

4) Please click here to make a contribution to our efforts to get to the truth. Sensible gun laws need protection today.

Thank you,

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