Monday, October 04, 2004

The Last Debate

If you read down far enough in my posts, you'll see that I jumped on the conservative "Kerry's gonna get stomped at the debate" bandwagon.

My prediction, like most, was fairly wrong. Too bad. Come on ol' Georgie, I've got $130 riding on you in November. Meh, he'll still win in November. Kerry is a schleb (how did the Dem's pick that guy?) and he's got no hope.

As far as I can tell, what my Pa says about George Bush is pretty true. He's a really good Democrat, Harry Truman sorta president (Nice guy, but too much on the big government stuff). Anyway, I guess the place where Bush falls short for Dems (besides not being a Dem) and why they don't give him a pass on all his big government stuff is in the realm of religion. I agree that he goes to far for an elected official in his faith. Keep it at home buddy.

I'm still hoping for a proper small "c" conservative in 2008. Someone to be strong on gun rights and the military, strong on tax cuts and capitalism, soft on regulation and all that, but please leave the faith stuff at home.

Now, about that debate between Cheney and Edwards. I'm predicting that Cheney will wonk Edwards on the head (figuratively again), but we'll have to wait and see. Come on Cheney.


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