Sunday, October 03, 2004

CCW Newbie

So, I'm new to CCW and trying to figure it out. I'm also not in a position to spend $$ on a nice IWB holster. So here are my two rigs

Beretta 96 brigadier carried "mexican" (down the pants, no holster) or OWB (outside the waistband) in a $25 uncle mikes.

works pretty good in Fall/Winter/Spring when wearing a decent jacket, sweatshirt or heavy long shirt (carrying mexican in front is totally concealed with jeans and a t-shirt).

Now, when total concealment with light clothing and no risk of pistol falling down pant leg is desired, I opt for my Bersa "thunder" .380 auto in a super cheap-o Uncle Mike's "inside the pants" holster.

Nice little piece, and the best I could do on my budget after blowing my wad on the Beretta. Otherwise I'd have a Kel-Tec if I was gonna stick with the .380 auto, but more likely I'd have that Kimber Compact CDP in .45acp listed a few posts below. The Uncle Mike's used to carry the Bersa up about an inch or so too high, and the butt of the gun stuck out something fierce. I fixed that by removing the belt clip and undoing the stitches on the seam of the holster. I then re-stitched the belt clip to a better position about an inch higher than stock, and stitched the holster back together at the seam. Now that little .380 is tucked in tight to the belt and I'm very comfortable with it.

In any case, I'm new to CCW and I still check my rig to make sure it's not "printing" about once every 10 seconds. I'm also sure that everyone I talk to "knows" and I'd basically feel more comfortable walking around wearing only a pair of socks, especially with the Beretta, the butt of which is difficult to conceal. If I have to squat down for something, the butt sticks right out, gerk. I figure the more I do it the less I'll care, so I carry all the time now, even to the beer isle at Safeway, since you know, it involves beer and Safeway, better be prepared.

My future CCW list includes a compact .45 1911 with a nice holster, maybe the Answer, or something from Milt Sparks.


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