Thursday, February 26, 2004

Here's My Beef... Among My Beefs...

The proper division of America is along the lines of those who want government to control every aspect of their lives and those who want the type of government originally envisioned by the Founding Fathers. We need to start fresh. The side for liberty is constantly loosing to the side that is unwittingly for tyranny. 'They' have control of the schools, control of the media and control of the government.

The only solution is to divide America. It is probably too late already, and virtually nobody wants this to happen. What choice do we on the losing side have?

How should the USA be divided? I propose a single vote with the terms listed plainly. If you vote for one side, then you go to that side. If you vote for the other, then you go to the other. Each side can set it's terms for moving into their side from the other side after the vote has taken place.

One side gets to scrap the current constitution to toss out those pesky bits that attempt to prevent government from: infringing your right to keep and bear arms; imposing an income tax; infringing proper freedom of speech; interfering with the economy, and the rest. They can have their democracy as they envision it... where the whim of the masses is envoked at each new election as often as they like. Where one government enacted failure is fixed by countless more. They can speed along as fast as they like to the quagmire they are now trying to take us all to.

The other side (my side) gets a new country where we learn from the mistakes of the Founders. Where we are more explicit about the proper role of government. Where there is no ambiguity to argue in the rights enumerated in the constitution or the role of government. A proper Laissez-Fair Capitalist USA, where property rights are protected, where the government doesn't know the term "anti trust." Where there are no "public" schools, no "universal" health care, no "social security," no "social justice," none of it!

This is my hope. To stand back and watch the outcome unfold. This is an impossible dream, it will never happen. I dream of it anyway, because in my lifetime there is no hope for the United States in its current form. It has an ugly cancer that cannot be cured but must be separated from its body.

And there it is.