Thursday, September 30, 2004


Yeah, that's a big "G" Guns.

I like guns, I own guns, I carry guns around tucked into my waistband where no one can see them. Thank God I live in a state where my right to do that is not infringed too much (still need a permit, damnit).

I've got my eye on several more. More or less in this order:

1. Kimber Compact CDP II .45acp
2. Springfield Loaded Stainless 1911A1 .45acp
2. Winchester Model 94 Traditional .30-30 lever action
3. Springfield SOCOM 16 M1 .308
4. Barrett M468 6.8 Rem SPC or something similar

I'm not a religious person but, dammit, God Bless America! :)

More on this later.


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