Monday, April 21, 2008


We're both busy, busy, busy. I defend in about 3 weeks, and am nowhere near ready. UGH. Carnaby defends a few weeks after that. I'm older than my brother, but he's beaten me to nearly everything: first to get a bachelor's degree, first to get a master's, first to get married, first to have kids. But I'll be first to face the firing squad defend, so HA!

Meanwhile, here are a couple of my favorite Basic Instructions strips from the archives: How to Fake a Smile and How to Express Condolences ("ROFG" had me ROFL). There's a blog associated with the strip, and if you're curious enough you can read through it and discover something about the genesis of a comic strip. Turns out the creator, Scott Meyer, is a stand-up comic from Seattle who is now living in Florida and working at DisneyWorld. The strip, which still runs in a Seattle weekly, got the attention of Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, and is getting so popular that Meyer has a book coming out in the summer. I'm definitely buying it.

See you in a few weeks.

OK, one more strip: How to Negotiate with the U.N.


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