Monday, October 15, 2007


So California passed its microstamping bill. I wonder if adding a small patch of duct-tape or something similar to the primers of the rounds used in the gun would still allow the round to fire while obscuring the "microstamping"?

It doesn't really matter if it's illegal, on account of the only one who would care is the criminal, you know, who is already murdering someone. I can just see it now
The suspect was charged with two counts of second degree murder. In addition, he was charged with two counts of microstamp tampering, each of which carry minimum sentences of three weeks in a soup line, or having to clean the Governor's bathroom with one's tongue.
On the other hand, they might have plenty of range brass to test it out on, but possibly not, since gun makers might just stop selling to California. Let's hope. That, and criminals not already bent on their own destruction might start favoring revolvers. Or they might just pick up their brass. Or they might put something on their guns to catch the brass in the first place.

Can anyone think of less than 100 ways in which a criminal might easily defeat "microstamping"?


Blogger steveH said...

How about a couple of passes over the tip of the firing pin/striker with a fine whetstone?

10/15/2007 6:54 PM  
Blogger mikej said...

Basically there are two ways to get around microstamping:

1) Change or modify the firing pin, assuming that they're using the kind of microstamping shown here.

2) Acquire the weapon without a paper trail, or with false ID, especially easy to obtain if you speak Spanish.

Each of these basic methods has an infinite number of amusing variations. Obviously, microstamping is meaningless unless firing pins are to be numbered and registered. A person interested in actually decreasing crime rates would prefer to:

1) Try the novel idea of actually punishing criminals.

2) Abolish the welfare system, which pays the dregs of our society to breed.

Our politicians seem to like high crime rates.

10/16/2007 6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been making a photographic list.

10/16/2007 11:42 AM  
Blogger NotClauswitz said...

In fact part of the colossal, arrogant, authoritarian-exercise in stupidity of the bill is that there are no penalties for doing anything as described above - so why the hell bother?
Filing off your microstamp or replacing parts that microstamp with parts that don't microstamp is not illegal. WTF?? It's extortion on manufacturers is what it is.

10/17/2007 12:50 PM  
Blogger mikej said...

I think you're right, Dirtcrashr. The point of this exercise has nothing to do with crime. It's just to make firearms more expensive to manufacture and therefore more expensive to buy. If the antis can impose enough silly regulations, they can make it impossible for most people to buy a gun, which is what they really want.

10/19/2007 4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, given the vagueness of the Partiot act, you all might now be guilty of aiding terrorists.

I've got to call the NSA now - enjoy being waterboarded!

10/25/2007 11:34 AM  
Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

I've got to call the NSA now - enjoy being waterboarded!

I thought they waterboarded to extract information. Heck, I won't resist: the information is already all here. NSA guys, help yourselves.

P.S. This information will only help really stupid terrorists with no connections and no resources whatsoever and who can only buy guns manufactured in the near future and who happen to be stuck in California with no way to get out.

(Carnaby, if we get into trouble, let's spin it as a "diversity" thing. You know, a "no terrorist left behind" initiative.)

10/26/2007 9:36 AM  
Blogger Russell said...

I love anonymous threats of calls to authorities!

How long until some industrious gang member gets fancy and carves their gang name into the firing pin?

11/01/2007 1:29 PM  
Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

Ed Zachary. I was thinking along the lines of "Property of O.J." :-P

11/02/2007 8:29 AM  

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