Monday, January 10, 2005

Infidels! Carnaby Fudge is now Carnahadeen!

Carnaby Fudge has converted and is now Carnahadeen! My new name is Osama bin Mahmud Ishtar al Chowmeini al Abbas al bin Gouda al Sadr. Infidels! You will be crushed by our worthless military capabilities! We love death but not the kool-aid. And to the pathetic lefties: we laugh at your simple hatred of America! Your blind rage at the capitalist satan leads you to help us even though once our victory is complete we will subjugate your women, outlaw abortion and behead your gays.

To my Carnahadeen brothers: quit bickering about Sunni and Shari'a. The true way is Carnab'i! Anyone who doesn't follow the true way of Carnab'i is a splitter and will not recieve his 72 virgins in paradise. Hmmm. Only 72 virgins? For all ETERNITY? That doesn't sound so good. See, 72 is a finite number, and eternity is sorta infinite. Those 72 virgins aren't going to be virgins for very long, and I'm eventually going to get tired of them. Is there at least an Xbox or Playstation in paradise? No? Hmmm, well... welcome back Carnaby Fudge!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I especially liked the bright red binder clip holding the veil on...

1/11/2005 1:58 PM  
Blogger carnaby said...

It's not a veil, infidel! It's a scary carnahadeen mask, to strike terror into the hearts of you infidels! The clip is blood red because we like red Jello! Infidel!

1/11/2005 9:21 PM  
Blogger Jeffro said...

Y'all must be a Wild West splinter group belonging to the Carnahadeen. Lever action rifles for Allah!

1/14/2005 4:44 PM  
Blogger carnaby said...

Infidel! You are the splitter! Carnahadeen prefer lever action rifles. Please note that the rifle pictured is actually a toy winchester from Fred Meyer. Infidel!

1/14/2005 8:46 PM  

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