Monday, January 10, 2005

.50CBS Fifty Caliber Bullshit

Hey, it's more powerful than the NYT's famous liberal bullshit. It can shoot down an NRA spokesman at 73,000 viewers.

Seems EVERYONE (Alphecca, Freedom Sight, Say Uncle and more) is at the throat of CBS for this piece of crap, and I have my own angle on the BS.

My favorite quote from the CBS piece is this
A Senate report said that a bullet from a .50-caliber rifle, even at 1.5 miles, crashes into a target with more energy than a bullet fired at point-blank range from Dirty Harry’s famous .44 Magnum.
CBS, never above pandering to the ignorant. If ever you wanted to get a liberal's panties in a twist, this certainly would do it. See, the .50-caliber rifle bullet has more energy, even at 1.5 miles, than Dirty Harry's famous .44 Magnum. Not just anyone's unfamous .44 Magnum, but Dirty Harry's famous one; that makes a difference, so don't forget it.

But do forget that CBS doesn't know what point blank range is. Apparently, for a .44 Magnum pistol, point blank range extends from the muzzle out to 100 yards. From the Remington website, we find that the energy of a .44 Magnum is between 1000 and 550 ft-lbs from muzzle to 100 yards respectively. So the .50 BMG has more energy than that. But why don't they say that the .50 BMG has more energy than Grand Pappy's old .30-06 hunting rifle at point blank range, which has 2900 to 1000 ft-lbs of energy from muzzle to 500 yds? Because it's not a liberal knicker twister (those fucking transparent liberal CBS bastards), that's why. For the record, the .50 BMG has 12,000 to 1863 ft-lbs of energy from muzzle to 1500 meters (from this table, then calculating energy as KE = 1/2mv^2).

Summary: CBS, please find a large pile of shit, and eat it.

On a side note, WTF is this? It must be the latest terrorists choice weapon, get the word to CBS pronto!!


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