Tuesday, January 18, 2005

2008 Presidential Primaries

We (gunnies) are basically safe for the next four years (barring anything stupid in the midterm elections, with a strong economy, it's not likely). Now the worry begins about the 2008 presidential election. A good synopsis of the potential candidates can be found here.

The potential candidates I'm solidly against are, in no particular order:

1. Rudi Giuliani - Statist RINO
2. Mitt Romney - Statist RINO
3. George Pataki - Statist RINO
4. John McCain - Statist

Please correct me if I've made a mistake in their characterisations.


Blogger DCH said...

I live in NYC so I can tell you about Pataki and Guiliani-Pataki is a weak leader who is destroying this state faster then Mario Cuomo and has basically destroyed the Republican Party in NY. His first term was good. His second term was bad. He should just resign now. He is an embarassment and an empty suit.

Guiliani on the other hand is the very definition of a leader. He has balls and a spine of steel, every day he woke up as mayor and worked on advancing his vision. Loyal to a fault and he would crush anyone who screwed with him,his friends or his policies. He went toe to toe with the Democratic/liberal establishment in NYC and beat them. He supported tough policing and crime dropped like never before, he forced welfare recipients to work, tightened eligibility and the welfare rolls dropped, the parks and streets got cleaner, he pushed some tax reductions through and tax receipts went up, etc. NYC has had a total rebirth because of Rudy Guiliani. He is from the Reagan, Thatcher, GWB mold. That said, he is a social liberal. I don't know if he could be nominated for President, maybe VP. But I tell you a President Guiliani would be a trip, you would know where he stood on everything and he would be relentless in advancing the US interests. No bullshit, no half measures. Put Jeb or Condi as VP-he might win 45 states.

1/19/2005 5:51 PM  

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