Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Eggnog Pancake II

It seems I'm getting a lot of attention for my post on "eggnog pancakes." I'm, like, the 7th hit on Google for that.

I need to find that recipe, I lost it. I'll make a quick run to the store tomorrow and try to track it down. I think it was on the Lucern Gourmet eggnog carton. My apologies to those of you who can't live without this

IIRC, it used an entire stick of butter, and yep, those are yummy sliced almonds, which really do add a nice little something to that munger.

Update!: I checked out those other lame recipies (like this one) and they suck, using only one egg and no stick of butter. I think the recipe I used called for 4 large eggs, whoot!


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