Sunday, December 26, 2004

Brady comments on something

Ohio: Ohioans Reject Concealed Handguns – No Interest in NRA’s CCW Law

While the NRA keeps pushing state lawmakers to force police to let people carry concealed handguns in public (CCW), very few people actually want to walk around with a hidden handgun. Applications to carry handguns has lagged far behind expectations, according to law-enforcement data from states that have recently relaxed their handgun laws. "They're down 30 percent [from projections]," said Robert Cornwell, executive director of the Buckeye State Sheriffs' Association in Columbus, Ohio. The same lower-than-expected numbers on gun license applications have come out of Michigan, Minnesota and Missouri, each of which has approved new concealed carry laws since 2001

The Brady idiots are a good example of people who'd find anything bad to say no matter the outcome of CCW laws being passed. I suppose they'd report that "Ohioans Approve Concealed Handguns - Interest High in NRA's CCW Law" if CCW applications were up 30% from projections. We all know that if that was the case, they'd be reporting "Ohioans expecting blood in the streets!!" or some other nonsense.

Not that we don't expect this sort of behavior, par for the course, I guess.


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