Tuesday, November 23, 2004

aaaaaand we're back

So the latest article on CNN goes back to the semiautomatic description of the sks. I wonder what gives?

The shooter used an SKS 7.62 mm semiautomatic rifle, the sheriff said.

2 out of 3 aint too bad, for CNN. I wish they'd show a picture of the one used. That would probably give it away. I'm going to assume that the rifle used resembles the plain old hunting rifle looking SKS I've got posted below and not the big honkin' banana clip (yeah yeah, I know it's a magazine) jobby from the VPC add. Hence, they'd look kinda stupid (more stupid?) to the general public, since they're whole assault weapon definition relies solely on appearances.

The article also indicates that it appears that the other hunters tried to shoot back, or shot back, or something. Geez. From now on when I go hunting, one guy better have an AR-15 or other assault rifle for self defense and the other guy carry the actual high powered hunting rifle for putting meat on the table.


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