Sunday, January 16, 2005

Saw Troy, Went to Church

First, Mrs. Fudge and I rented Troy last night. Worst movie ever. Among the worst movies ever. We only made it through by serially mocking the stupid parts. It was all stupid parts, except where the King of Troy visits Achilles to ask for the return of his son's body.

Example stupid part: Achilles challenges Hector at the gates of Troy (didn't happen in the Iliad, but besides that), which is fine and dandy. The Trojan archers hold their fire so Hector and Achilles can have an honorable duel, or something to that effect. Of course Achilles kills Hector and then the Trojan archers still hold their fire as Achilles drags Hector's body away. You see, there's no honor in this and all bets are off. The Trojan archers should have hosed Achilles down with arrows. But they didn't. Stupid.

Now then, I went to church with a friend today. I'm not a Christian (Mrs. Fudge is). I'm sortof an agnostic, but not really sure about that either. I do have a lot of questions though. And so I went to church today since my friend invited me. They're doing a three-part series that seems right up my alley. That's all I got. Maybe I'll post more about Christianity later.


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